Friday, February 12, 2010

Java ActionScript API for Android

Introducing Project: JASAfA!

What is JASAfA?
JASAfA (or Java ActionScript API for Android) is a stupid name to a project that attempts to provide a Java framework for Android app development that tries to resemble ActionScript API. JASAfA (I know the name sucks big time, please suggest another) has nothing to do with Flash platform for Android nor Adobe. The project is free and open source, which is licensed under the MIT License.

Whom is it for?
Programmer who are coming from ActionScript world are mostly alienated by Java's API. This project is mainly for them. But could be useful to others as well.

Why write JASAfA?
With this framework, it is expected that any ActionScript coder could easily write Android app without the need of the Adobe Flash for Android. And with differences among Android SDKs, JASAfA will try to make sure same classes can be used across SDKs, keeping compatibility issues at a minimal level.

Where can it be downloaded?
The project page has just been setup and classes are being properly documented. Visit it once in a while at:

When will it be released?
Each classes will be released one after the other until all* has been written.

* Mapping the whole ActionScript 3 API will be a huge task. That is why, for the meantime the scope will only be:
  • flash.display.Graphics
  • flash.display.DisplayObject
  • flash.display.Sprite
  • flash.display.MovieClip
  • flash.geom.Matrix
  • flash.geom.Point
  • flash.ui.Keyboard
  • flash.ui.Mouse
Since this is open source project, anyone is invited to contribute other ActionScript classes that is not listed above.


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