Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Speed Up the AVD

This tutorial will teach you how to speed up the android emulator.

A disclaimer though. After doing this configuration, do not expect a lightning fast AVD. This will possibly cut 1 to 2 minutes of boot up time depending on your computer specification.

With that said, do the following:
  1. On Eclipse, click Run -> Run Configurations.
  2. Under Android Application, select your current active project (ex: HelloWorld)
  3. Click on the Target tab.
  4. Under Additional Emulator Command Line Options, type-in -scale 0.5 -no-boot-anim
  5. Click Apply and you are done.

No Boot Anim
Setting the No Boot Anim flag will turn of the boot animation. Thus removing the loading of the images used in the animation, the delays used to have a smooth animation, and the transition to and from boot animation.

Ideally speaking, setting the scale to 50% will lessen the graphic rendering 50%. It might help just a little, but every milliseconds count if all you wanted is to test your app.

With that set, your emulator should look like this.


  1. Well done, really informative helped me allot as I am new user.

  2. hi it worked for me..the speed is good now..but the size of the emulator is smaller

  3. For me it sadly doesn't help much. The emulator is unacceptably small and still slow as hell. Hardly usable for demo purposes. It was worth the shot however and I still think these are good tips to have around :)

  4. Can I run Nandroid recovery in AVD?

    I'd like to create an exact image of my handset by creating a backup on it and then making the files available to AVD Nandroid recovery...if that's at all possible?

  5. when I use this my emulator start but it always goes to minimize state it show on the task bar always not get full screen
    plz help for this mail me

  6. If you're using Intel x86 with Virtual Technology, there is another solution where you can speed the emulator up by installing Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager. A plugin is also required for AVD. I found a link for this solution, it works well for me

  7. Very useful. Gave some hope that the programs will finally run.